Director Asao's debut feature film revolves around the theme of  a  “Rock Paper Scissors Death Game.” In this daring venture, those defeated in the game face a spectacular explosion, turning into tiny fragments. Despite being his first foray into filmmaking, Asao funds the project personally, embracing a challenging approach by producing the entire film in English. With a cast of around 30 actors delivering lines and performances, and an additional 30 extras, the independent production showcases a remarkable level of dedication in terms of scale. Filming is set to commence in spring 2024, with plans for international film festival submissions starting in August, aiming for a summer 2025 release. Anticipate the unveiling of zFilms' inaugural creation—a project that relentlessly pursues pure entertainment.


Brian had recently broken up with his fiancée, Sofia, after a heated argument. Soon after, a detective arrives with the news of Sofia's death. It appears she participated in a "Death Game" with a grand prize of $1 million and lost her life in the process. Overwhelmed with grief and anger, Brian receives an invitation to the same Death Game. Brian decides to collaborate with the detective, promising a SWAT team raid and injecting himself with a micro GPS as he becomes a decoy participant in the deadly game.What unfolds is a "Rock-Paper-Scissors Death Game Show" where losers face a explosive demise. The setting mirrors the intensity of the Wild West and the fervor of a Colosseum, creating an atmosphere of extreme tension and a space where participants enthusiastically engage in deadly combat. In this moment, eight individuals risk their lives in a Death Game Entertainment..

Who Are We?

Establishing zFilms K.K. in 2019, we embarked on our journey with a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K and a single 25mm lens. Starting from shooting, editing, and grading, we expanded our expertise to include graphic design, motion graphics, live streaming, CG, virtual production, AI, AR, and more. Our primary focus has been client work. However, driven by a desire to create original content and a passion for producing globally recognized creativity, we leaped from short films to the ambitious production of a feature-length film entirely in English.

Casting Call!

You can download the Casting Call Sheet Below! Application form is here!
Casting Call_Extras_OtherRoles.pdf


Around 90min
Production Period
March.2024- August.2024 include post productionShoot March.2024-May.2024 (anticipation)
Death Game, Thriller
66 (include 50 extras and One-Scene Wonder)
Akihiro Asao (also zFilms CEO)
Summer 2025Aiming theatrical release all over the world
Applying Film Festival Circuit
1st Camera
Sony BURANO (release in Feb.2024, 8.6K FF Sensor)


We are currently seeking individuals who can assist with our feature film project. If you have expertise in areas such as cinematography, casting, distribution, marketing, or any other aspect that could contribute to the success of this project, please feel free to reach out to us. If you believe you have the potential to collaborate on this project, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your expertise and support would be greatly appreciated.
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